What Makes a Retail POS System Different?

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Written by Eric Fleming


Retail POS Systems

Every business, no matter the size, wants to minimize expenses, increase efficiency, and make more money. But none of this can happen if the customer isn’t satisfied. Therefore, more and more companies are installing retail POS systems (point of sale) in their establishments.

What are retail POS systems?

Retail POS systems, at least to the customer, are basically souped-up cash registers. The clerk scans or enters the item information into the computer which then adds up the purchase, prints up an invoice, and processes the payment. Standard retail POS systems will include the following:

  • Input device. This can be a keyboard, a scanner, or a combination of both.
  • Fast and accurate entry. Restaurant POS systems make it simple for your waitstaff to swiftly and accurately enter and verify customer orders.
  • Computer. In some instances, the hardware is an off-the-shelf computer with POS software installed. Otherwise, it’s sold as an all-in-one unit.
  • Display. This can be part of an off-the-shelf purchase or a customized display for a particular store. Often the display is a touchscreen model for faster, more convenient item entry.
  • Cash drawer. This is frequently incorporated into the computer terminal. Other accessories can include a receipt printer, credit card terminal, or other related items.
Benefits of retail POS systems

Most retail POS systems have some type of built-in inventory tracking and charting ability. As you’re ringing up sales, you’re also keeping track of exactly what goes out the door which makes ordering easier and more predictable. Also, you can now quickly enter customer information and then store that information for quick retrieval the next time a customer comes in. The system lets you search by name, address, phone number or driver’s license number to pull up their profile.

Finally, since the entire process requires little clerk input aside from scanning items, orders can be rung up faster and with fewer errors.

What businesses can benefit from using retail POS systems?

A wide variety of businesses will benefit from installing retail point of sale systems. Any business that does high volume, such as a busy electronics store or clothing retailer, will appreciate its speed and accuracy. Supermarkets, in particular, benefit from retail POS systems. With a good solution in place, there’s no need to individually price items which makes running sales or promotions a breeze. Finally, vendors who want to improve customer service while maintaining speed and accuracy should consider installing the right retail POS system according to their needs.

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