Features to Look for In Restaurant Point of Sale Systems

Learn about top POS systems for your restaurant

Written by Eric Fleming


Restaurant POS Systems

As a restaurant owner, you know that the faster your waitstaff takes orders, the happier your customers will be. One way to streamline your approach to doing business is by implementing one of the many
restaurant point of sale systems available. Restaurant POS systems allow you to efficiently handle your ordering, purchasing, and inventory via a handful of networked computer terminals.

Typical features and benefits of restaurant POS systems

Here are some of the features you can expect from typical restaurant POS systems:

  • Inventory management. The system keeps track of what food and drink items have been ordered making it simple (or automatic, in some cases) to reorder items when running low.

  • Fast and accurate entry. Restaurant POS systems make it simple for your waitstaff to swiftly and accurately enter and verify customer orders.

  • Improved administration. As an added bonus, most liquor store POS systems offer additional features with dozens of reports for inventory, sales, and business analytics. This software can be used to support the existing administrative staff to make daily accounting and book balancing even simpler. In addition, routine clerical errors will be minimized since stock, inventory, sales, and taxes will be tracked in the POS system.

  • Promotion awareness. With many restaurant POS systems, it’s simple to set up a “senior’s night” or other discount promotion, which makes it easy to adjust your prices across the board. No worries about remembering to include the discount: it’s automatic.

There are dozens of other features available in restaurant point of sale systems from timesheet integration, budgeting, scheduling, table reservations, food delivery, and more. This makes it a flexible addition to any restaurant.

What to look for in a restaurant POS system dealer

There are many options for purchasing a restaurant point of sale system, including simple software packages you buy off the shelf and complete packages that include the computer hardware and software. Regardless of which route you choose, make sure your solution includes customization, training, installation, and support.

  • Customization. Is the program you choose able to be customized? What if you want to implement something slightly different from how the program is set up, or duplicate a category that already exists? Can it be done? Will it cost extra? What if, in a year or so, you need an extra terminal? Will this cause problems, or is it easily accomplished?

  • Training. With off-the-shelf packages, your training is likely limited to the included instruction manual and, if you’re lucky, a demonstration DVD or videos on the company’s Web site. With customized purchases, will your dealer train your employees? How in-depth is the training? These are all questions that should be answered prior to purchase.

  • Installation. Does your dealer install the restaurant POS systems it sells, or is it simply having them drop shipped from the manufacturer? If you have problems, or need something done slightly differently from how you’d originally thought, can that be accomplished?

  • Support. Do you get tech support when you need help? What about repairs?

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