Top features to look for in a liquor store point of sale system

The benefits of a POS system for a liquor store


Liquor Store POS Systems

If you’re looking for the right POS to take your liquor store into the 21st Century, remember that point of sale software isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Meaning, a POS system designed for a restaurant, supermarket, or convenience store may not have the advanced features or inventory capacity needed to support a bustling liquor store.

In order for a liquor store to run efficiently and turn profit day after day, two critical components are necessary:

  1. Speed
  2. Accuracy

Although the two may seem simple, don’t be fooled. A liquor store running on an outdated POS system or a liquor store charging customers with – gasp! – handwritten tickets could be eating hundreds of dollars in profit each day.

  • Total inventory control. Given the fact that most liquor stores have an extensive selection of alcohol, an organized POS system must be used to meticulously track inventory and keep stock updated for ordering purposes. This same inventory system can be used to monitor specialty orders, such as extra kegs needed for an upcoming party order or additional champagne in stock for New Year’s Eve.
  • Decreased transaction time. In addition to providing exceptional customer service, a liquor store must also have the capability to get customers in and out the door as quickly as possible. This is especially critical for a store with a large variety in their inventory; in this case, each item barcode can be stored in the inventory database to ensure a speedy checkout to shorten register lines.
  • Improved administration. As an added bonus, most liquor store POS systems offer additional features with dozens of reports for inventory, sales, and business analytics. This software can be used to support the existing administrative staff to make daily accounting and book balancing even simpler. In addition, routine clerical errors will be minimized since stock, inventory, sales, and taxes will be tracked in the POS system.
  • Reduced in-house theft. Although liquor stores are susceptible to customer theft, theft behind the counter is an equally important issue. Accurate tracking in a liquor store POS system can be used to prevent and discourage in-house theft behind the register with regular audits and inventory control.

For small to large liquor stores, inventory control is a top concern to promote efficient daily operation. Though an updated POS system may require an initial investment, it can save a liquor store both time and money by automatically managing inventory to do away with manual counting altogether.

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