The benefits of POS inventory management

By Eric Michaels


Inventory Management

Management teams find it easy to run a tight ship when a business is just starting out. But will it remain a cinch once sales figures start ballooning? You’ll be amazed at how many items can slip through the cracks, whether accidentally or as a result of theft inside your store. The best way to tackle the problem is by using POS inventory management. The same system you use to clock in employees, ring up sales, and process credit cards can be used to track and organize inventory. Here are the benefits to implementing such a system, and which businesses stand to gain most.

Limiting the Missing Data ó and Missing Items

Once a store’s sales start churning, you’ll have to find ways to maximize the efficiency of your operation. That includes cutting down on missing inventory. Losing a bit of merchandise can hurt your business in a variety of ways.

For one thing, you don’t have accurate records of what’s selling at what pace. On another count, you don’t know what’s going missing and therefore can’t target the cause of the problem. POS inventory management solutions put you back in the driver’s seat. Your staff can enter the items into the system upon receiving them. From there, you’ll know when and where it sold, or whether it never made it.

A Money-Saver That Multi-Tasks

Once you know where your inventory is going and how quickly it’s leaving your store, you can optimize your business plan accordingly. By knowing how much more you need of certain popular items (and how little you need of the unpopular ones), you’re serving your customers better. This type of attention to the customer experience will win you fans for the long run. As companies as big as Walmart have discovered, presenting empty shelves to your clientele can spell disaster. This inventory management system can run off the same system as the time clocks and payment center in your business. It’s a great multi-tasker.

What Businesses Benefit the Most

Any retail operation can benefit immensely from a solid inventory-management policy. Clothing stores will be able to track what items are going missing, as well as which are popular among employees getting discounted rates. Gourmet food and wine sellers can keep a close eye on valuable goods. Of course, restaurants benefit greatly from an improved inventory system. It can keep chefs and back-of-house employees on the same operating systems, thereby avoiding the inevitable losses in translation when menu items get entered into the computer. By centralizing all data, you ensure more seamless presentation to customers.

A quality POS inventory management system puts your team on top of developments and integrates seamlessly with other functions. When you want to cut the waste and maximize profits, make the upgrade.