Are Hospitality Point of Sale Systems Really Necessary?

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Written by Eric Fleming


Hospitality POS Systems

If you run a bar, restaurant, or other hospitality business using an old-style cash register, you may want to consider the benefits of implementing a hospitality point of sale system (or POS).

How do hospitality POS systems differ from retail systems?

If you’re familiar with a standard retail point of sale system, you may find yourself wondering what the difference is between those and hospitality POS systems. The differences are found in both hardware and software.

The hardware for both types of POS will include a computer and monitor. However, in a retail system, there’s usually just one monitor while a restaurant or bar may also have a display in the back to help staff know what orders need preparing. Likewise, a retail store will require the use of handheld scanners for scanning the prices of products, while hospitality POS systems are self-contained: everything they deal with is already stored in their databases.

How does a hospitality business benefit from the system?

The best example of how hospitality point of sale systems benefit a bar or restaurant is the fast food industry.

Before hospitality POS systems were common, your order would be taken at the counter and written on a piece of paper. The paper, with its potentially indecipherable handwriting, was then passed to the kitchen so the cooks could view it.

With hospitality POS systems, the cashier simply pushes a few buttons on the register or touch-screen monitor and takes the customer’s payment. The order is instantly displayed on monitors in the kitchen area. This makes processing your order faster and much more accurate. Any special orders are now instantly visible, and not subject to being scribbled on the side of the order and overlooked. Accuracy and speed are the two hallmarks of any good POS system, and are particularly important in the fast food industry.

In addition, reordering products is made much easier with a hospitality point of sale system. Whether it is a restaurant about to run out of condiments, or a hotel running low on clean towels, a point of sale system identifies this and makes it easier to maintain adequate levels.

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