How much do bar POS systems cost?

Find the best suited POS system for your bar

Written by Eric Fleming


Bar POS Systems

Bar owners and operators want to not only present a fun, welcoming environment to their customers, but also to make money in the process. While any business can benefit from using a point of sale system, bar POS systems in particular can be advantageous.

What equipment makes up bar POS systems?

Like standard point of sale systems, bar POS systems are comprised of fairly standard equipment:

  • Computer. This is either a standard computer with POS software installed, or part of a dedicated hardware POS unit.
  • Monitor. This can be a standard computer monitor or a dedicated POS screen. A common type for hospitality POS systems is the touch screen for fast, accurate order entry.
  • Point of sale software. In reality, this is what makes bar POS systems different from restaurant POS systems. While a restaurant has a very simple, step-by-step process (order, prepare, deliver, payment), a bar may have different needs such as the ability to keep orders open throughout the evening. Good bar POS systems can deal with this and other requirements.
  • Other equipment. This can include such things as the cash drawer and receipt printer, as well as other items such as handheld POS devices for entering items from the floor, and monitors behind the bar and in the kitchen so that orders can immediately be displayed.
Benefits of bar POS systems

Besides serving customers faster, there are other reasons you might want to consider a bar point of sale system in your establishment.

First, bar point of sale systems can track exactly what drinks are being ordered and prepared, so you’ll know exactly what alcohol needs to be ordered. And if something is off, such as you’re not showing enough revenue for the beverages you’re selling, you’ll be able to figure that out quickly. In addition, you’ll be able to track your waitstaff by profit-per-shift so you’ll be able to schedule your best employees during busy times to maximize profits.

Finally, this technology makes it easy to implement temporary “events” such as happy hour or ladies night, which makes it easy to remember the discounts that go along with it.

Typical costs

Depending on your needs, you have a couple different routes to go in purchasing your bar POS system. You can choose to take an existing computer and add items to it. This would entail a touchscreen, the POS software itself, a cash drawer, and any other accessories you choose. You can also go the route of purchasing a system already designed and set up for you, specific to your needs.

If you’re thinking of putting together your own system, the computer itself can run anywhere from $500 to $1,500 and the software adds between $200 and $500 per computer to your costs. Peripherals such as cash drawers and handheld POS units can add anywhere from $100 to $500. Full systems also have a wide range, but can typically be found for $2,000 to $3,000 for single stations, with additional stations adding to your overall costs.

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