How Much Does a Wireless POS System Cost?

Unplug those wires and connect to a wireless POS

Written by Eric Fleming


Wireless POS Systems

If you’ve been in a bar or restaurant where the waitstaff took your order on a handheld device, or you’ve ever tried to purchase a large item and had the sales clerk scan your item with a small handheld scanner, then you’ve experienced wireless point of sale systems.
Wireless POS makes it easier for employees to ring up sales, makes them more efficient and gives businesses more flexibility.

Features and benefits of wireless POS

Installing a wireless POS system can create all sorts of advantages for the business willing to make changes to the way they conduct business. No longer are your sales clerks tethered by computer wires to the register. In fact, with the right equipment, they can move up to 150 feet away from the sales desk scan items. This is helpful not only for sales, but also for inventory.

With a handheld scanner and a wireless base station, an employee can run a quick inventory check to see stock status of certain items, transmit the data to the computer in the back room making the update fast and easy, and keeping the employees on the sales floor where you need them. Also, if a customer ties up one clerk with questions or complaints, a second clerk from another register can come around and help the next customer in line.

Wireless POS systems are paving the way for customers being able to process their own purchases. Whether it’s a bar or restaurant installing wireless drink orders at the tables, or simply a mobile sales clerk able to print out receipts from a wireless printer attached to his belt, wireless is quickly becoming a gamechanger in retail.

Price range of wireless point of sale systems

As with most items, there’s no set price for a wireless POS system. However, there are some guidelines that may be helpful to keep in mind. A wireless scanner using Bluetooth technology to send bar code scans back to the computer can be purchased for about $75. But a traditional 802.11 (WiFi) network with extended power and range will be more expensive.

Similarly, you can purchase a wireless POS order entry device for restaurants, bars, or other hospitality businesses for $400 to $500. You can also add the software running on the device to a PDA to get the same results. In addition, you may decide to combine this with the wireless seating chart that’s often found near the host’s station at restaurants. With a wireless POS system, the table’s orders and check information can be relayed to the front of the restaurant for fast and easy payment processing.

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