How Does a Touch Screen Point of Sale System Work?

Life made easy with touch POS systems

Written by Eric Fleming


Touch Screen POS Systems

If your employees are constantly slowed down by the limitations of your standard cash register, you may want to consider touch POS systems for your store.

What are touch POS systems?

Touch POS systems allow your employees to ring up customers by pressing a finger to a touch-sensitive screen. This takes the mouse, and often the keyboard, out of the sales equation, making checkout faster, more efficient, and less prone to errors.

What components make up touch POS systems?

Touch POS systems will typically include all the same components found in a standard retail or restaurant POS system, the main difference being the addition of a touch-sensitive screen. Touch POS systems include a computer with point of sale software, a scanner and keyboard/mouse (for those times when you can’t use the touch screen), a receipt printer, a cash drawer, and likely a display so that the customer can follow the transaction.

How do touch screens work?

Touch screens use a number of different techniques. The most popular is called the capacitive (or resistive) approach. It uses a thin, metallic, transparent layer that records and updates the screen based on the change in the electrical current the human skin causes. Some touchscreens also use a newer technology called the piezoelectric effect, which is voltage generated when the screen is touched. Finally, there are infrared-based methods in which sensor arrays detect fingers moving across, or close to, the screen.

No matter what method is used, the computer interprets the signals as mouse movements in a standard interface.

Key benefits of touch POS systems

Speed, ease of use, and accuracy are the greatest benefits of using touch POS systems. Compared with standard point of sale software, these systems are much faster and easier to use. When there is no need to type in a bar code number or the sale price of an item, errors decrease while speed increases.

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