How do you know it’s time to upgrade your POS system?

By Eric Michaels


POS Upgrade

Point of sale (POS) systems are versatile devices, but you need to update your system for it to remain relevant. You’ll find competitors working circles around you if they put the latest upgrades into effect before you do. Trading up can lead to shorter lines at the cash register, several extra seats at an outdoor cafe, or higher customer satisfaction ratings. In each case, upgrading your POS system is a must if you want to stay profitable and win new customers. Here is how to know it’s time to upgrade your business’s point-of-sale system.

  • You’re waiting for phone signals to authorize credit payments. Switching to a digital, Internet-based system for credit card authorizations is the only way to go. The 10-15 seconds it takes for an authorization to go through in the old system can cause frustration on the part of customers in line. When you make people wait these days, chances are they’re not going to come back to your business when other options exist. A software upgrade and minimal rewiring can quickly achieve this goal.

  • Waitstaff has to travel long distances to settle checks. For cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating, arming your waitstaff with a mobile POS system is a winning solution. Instead of walking the equivalent of several blocks to close a check, servers can stay within the reach of customers and handle transactions at the farthest reaches of a business. Customers appreciate the attention to detail and the modern approach to outdoor dining. You’ll see them again. Handheld POS systems can be added and used in conjunction with your current system.

  • Customers, tired of waiting for service, walk out of your business. In a retail operation, it’s hard enough to have the goods (and size) a customer wants. Seeing them drop items and head out the door because they grew tired of waiting is a major failure on the part of your store’s technology. This issue can usually be fixed by upgrading software and clearing out the pay screens on your POS. While working with a light staff might be another reason the lines move slowly, you know you’re behind in tech when a full team can’t handle the volume.

  • You’ve been stuck on the road with no way to close a sale. Business owners that attend street fairs and trade shows need to attach a small piece of hardware onto a smartphone to close sales on the go. This device requires little more than a quick installation and you’ll be ready to handle transactions wherever your phone gets service. Upgrading your POS system in this way gives you access to the latest technology, which is
    considered the future of mobile business.

Upgrading your company’s POS system can be as easy as adding a small bit of hardware or installing new software. The latest updates can increase sales overnight.