Essential POS system benefits and how they can help your business


POS System Benefits

Point of sale computer systems have been used for decades in retail and restaurant environments. Today, POS software continues to advance with the times and is expected to reach $3.2 billion in sales by 2014.

Why the surge in sales, you ask? Retailers in a wide range of industries are choosing to upgrade their POS systems to take advantage of a long list of newly integrated features and benefits to improve day-to-day productivity. While POS systems still rely on hardware and software to process customer payment transactions, new industry features include wireless POS hardware to accommodate in-store mobile payment.

POS system benefits your business can’t live without

If you feel like your tried and true POS is in need of an upgrade, you may be right. Taking advantage of new POS features can improve daily functionality in the workplace to increase sales dramatically.

Consider these top benefits when shopping for new POS software:
  • Employee tracking. The administrative staff in any business will appreciate an employee account management feature in a POS system. Through this multilevel system, employees will be provided with different levels of access for cashiers, tech support, managers, operators, and administrators; these simple boundaries will discourage unauthorized access to business systems that could result in daily profit loss. Over the long term, employee time and actions will be logged to track behavior and detect potential issues, including theft.
  • Inventory tracking. The days of manual inventory tracking are long gone. A POS inventory control database can be used in any industry to assign individual products to general categories, such as food, beverage, beauty products, etc. From there, a retail price can be set with a defined margin of earnings, along with applied sales tax, product image, and product description for complete organization.
  • Expedited checkout. Customers will likely leave a business with a bad impression if it takes longer than a few minutes to make a purchase. Luckily, an upgraded POS system can use rounding, currency setup, printer configuration, and multiple payment types to shorten customer time at the register. Additionally, the employee tracking feature above can be used by cashiers to honor special discounts for coupons, promotions, and in-store sales – without time wasted by manager overrides.
  • Mobile checkout. If you’re ready to jump on the forefront of innovation, look for a POS system with mobile capabilities, now popularly used in restaurants and retail stores. To give you a clearer picture, a business can provide better customer service by taking payment on the sales floor instead of at the register; servers can send orders directly to the kitchen tableside instead of waiting in line at a countertop POS.

While an upgraded POS system will provide both short-term and long-term benefits, most businesses across-the-board appreciate the organization and efficiency offered in daily operations. An advanced POS can be used to expedite customer payment, improve customer service, and even generate regular reports to track sales, promotions, and quarterly profits.

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