Prevent a Bar Brawl with the Right POS System


Benefits of bar POS systems

It’s never pleasant to deal with unhappy customers who have been waiting hours for drinks. You can keep customers happy and willing to spend money all night long by taking advantage of these top POS features designed specifically for bars and nightclubs:

  1. Accurate Inventory Tracking: Counting inventory accurately is critical if you own a bar or nightclub, especially since liquor profits can make or break the success of your business. Bar POS software will allow you to record the exact type of liquor sold with built-in ingredient tracking to keep tabs on how much of each kind of liquor was purchased in both shots and drinks.
  2. Faster Checkouts: In a busy nightclub, it’s essential to have the ability to ring up customers as quickly as possible using speedy POS software. Faster customer transactions mean a bigger potential to sell more drinks and turnover greater profit every night of the week. Some bar POS software is now equipped with a user-friendly bar menu that includes bar tax, enabling bartenders to make quick change for customers.
  3. Better Security: Since the vast majority of bar transactions are handled in cash, it’s important that bartenders use secure login cards to track all drinks charged under their employee ID. A POS system will offer added security with a separate cash drawer for each bartender on duty – virtually eliminating the risk of theft when bartending.According to liquor management inventory system manufacturers Sussexbar Systems, restaurant bars have an average liquor shrinkage rate from 28% to 38%, caused by theft, not charging for drinks, making the wrong drink, or spilling alcohol. Nightclubs have an even more startling shrinkage rate at up to 65%, making it critical to utilize a reliable bar POS system that will track all drink charges to individual bartenders.
  4. Quick Customer Comps: If a customer isn’t happy with a drink, or if you’re rewarding a regular customer for their patronage with a free beverage, it’s important that a bar POS system is fully equipped to offer quick customer comps.All customer comps will be tracked and recorded to reflect in the daily sales report to ensure that comps don’t exceed a certain amount to affect profits.
  5. Keep Open Tabs: Across the board, most restaurants and bars prefer a system that has the ability to keep customer tabs open, especially when a customer sits at the bar and order several drinks. Newer bar POS technologies will enable a bartender to maintain several open tabs on the same system; the bill can be printed when the customer is finished drinking.

No matter what type of bar you own, having a reliable POS system will not only give customers a better experience but will help to manage profits by reducing the risk of theft. Since most bars are bustling in a fast-paced environment, having support from a POS system will make it easier to quickly ring up and checkout customers and even provide comps for preferred customers when necessary.